MC Altair v0.7 has been released. See the technical details and download the files here or use the updated setup tool.

What's new

This upgrade addresses problems with the player interface when resizing or repositioning elements, including fullscreen mode. All player elements (buttons, video screen, etc) now use the same coordinate system for positioning. Previously, elements in the control panel were positioned relative to the top left corner of the control panel - now they are positioned relative to the top left corner of the player.

Tooltip readability is improved and you can set the color.

This version involved a fairly major code re-write so it's quite possible a few bugs will emerge. There is also more work to be done with the new coordinate system before it's all working completely as I want, but I thought it was important to introduce the new system as soon as possible. If you're in no hurry to upgrade you might like to wait and see if there any any minor updates over the next few weeks.

There are three new variables:

tooltipTextColor: Tooltip text color (hex)
tooltipBackgroundColor: Tooltip background color (hex)
playerAutoResize: This is enabled by default and should normally be left on. The player automatically resizes and/or repositions elements when resizing occurs, unless you have specified a position/size value.

Roadmap to v1.0

Once I've got the new coordinate system bedded in, here are some of my plans leading up to v1.0:

- Color and size variables for all remaining elements
- Separate config options for fullscreen mode
- Logo/watermark option
- Improved integration with streaming servers
- More user-friendly setup tool, including a simple 3-step guide.