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    Making a Background with moving Gifs. HELP!!!

    Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I am currently in the process of trying to make a background for a web page that I am working on. I have Photoshop and Image Ready, but I don't quite know how I would go about doing what I would like to do.

    What I would like to do: I have a black background (just created a 800x600 black square background in Paint), and I would like to add an Animated gif (of a butterfly moving its wings) at a few various places on the page. Thing is, how do I add the animated gif to the black background and merge them together into one file, without losing the animated properties of the gif?

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Please help ASAP.


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    First of all you would be better off setting the background colour in HTML rather than using a background image. You can use css or (more simply) a body tag like this:
    HTML Code:
    <body bgcolor="#000000">
    If your animated gif has a transparent (or black) background you can just put it wherever you like on the page. If not, I think your best bet would be to make it transparent.

    Does this help? If not, can you show us the page or the animated gif?
    Dave Owen


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