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    How film look can be acheived for a footage ,taken by sony camcordr dcrhc-32

    Hi all,

    I've been making movies from last 2 years and worked on diffrent camera.
    is anybody aware of any trick/software to give a film look to footage taken by sony handycam DCRHC32//though the quality is too good and i always shoot on 16:9...but film look is the only thing i want to acheive.....

    tnx in advance.........

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    If you use Sony Vegas then the Magic Bullet plugins are good. However if your footage is good and the storyline is good you don't need technical trickery at all!! People are so absorbed with a well presented story that they don't have time to see how clever the producer is!! People tend to be obsessed with technology rather than concentrating on the art of movie-making


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    Hey, just so you know, Sony had a problem with some of those camcorders and they are offering a free fix (shipping included) on them until September 30th. After that you will have to pay. So, if you are experiencing any problems with the CCD get hold of them fast.

    Some plugins, like Magic Bullet as the above poster mentions, will help you mask the DV look. Consider getting a used camera like a Canon GL1, they are not too expensive, which can be set to frame movie mode. It's not perfect but looks pretty good.

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