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    How do I use the Tele Macro function on Sony DCR-32

    I need help guys, how do I use the tele macro function on my Sony HandycamDCR-32 camcorder.What is it for anyway?

    Also how do I achieve the right D.O.P on this camcorder It doesn't have adjust shutter speed function .Help guys!!

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    Hi Steve
    Most camcorders have a menu option for tele-macro. They essentially push your zoom to the max optical setting and open up the iris full so any image you take has a fairly good depth of field (the image is sharp but the background will be blurred!! Most cams are limited to a focal range up to around 40cms only ( about 14") so it's usually used to take closeup objects like flowers!! Check your on-screen menu

    What do you mean by DOP ???? sure it's not DOF (Depth of Focus/Field)???
    Some domestic camcorders don't have any manual functions at all but most have a scene mode where you can choose "action" and the cam will choose a high shutter speed. A domestic camera like the DCR-32 has tiny chips so Depth of Field is not really possible!!



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