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    Edirol V-4 video mixer

    I recently bought coaxial cables to connect my cameras to my Edirol V-4 . i would like to know which type of adapter do i fit on the cable-ends?

    Also is this type of cable good enough ..

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    What connectors are on it now? What connectors are on the cameras? What are your options for inputs on the V4?
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    this is going to be hard for me to explain..

    well the coaxial cable is still bare, i have not put any connector yet -i want to use the coaxial cable as sort of an extension of an av cable.Basically I need a connector that bridges from the coaxial cable going to video in into the V-4.
    So it is the connector that i am worried about.
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    Ok, what type of coax? What connector is on the V-4? the camera?
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    Hi there,

    You will probably need one of the two that I have included.
    Quarter Inch Plug to miniplug - meant for smaller camcorders with minijack input (quarter inch from mixer)

    Quarter Inch Plug to XLR - for semi/pro cameras using XLR inputs (quarter inch from mixer

    Two more combinations not shown;
    XLR on both ends
    XLR to miniplug (don't like this option)

    Pls note the quarter inches in the photo are all mono because of my specific use, you might want to use a stereo connector.

    The brand of all the connectors are Neutrik. I use Belden coaxial cables.
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    Dear all,

    I have to apologize as I was writing the previous post in a BIG hurry..

    I'd like to believe the previous post has every corner covered for almost every kind of camera-mixer combination in the market, but I could be wrong.

    So like tonsofpcs, if the previous post cannot solve your difficulty, please do be as specific as you can especially with what the mixer takes as input and also what is the exact make and model of your video camera...

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    Well thanks nagar ,but those are not the type of cables i am looking for.

    The camera's -well for know i am using a Sony DCR-32, a Canon MV790
    and a Panasonic NV-GS15(home camcorders basically), I am looking for two proffesional ones meanwhile.

    The V-4 has video in inputs like on the back of dvd players,vcrs etc
    The cable is supposed to come through av out of the above camcorders.
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    Hi Steve
    I suspect that your mixer has what they call a BNC plug. It basically looks like a little metal cylinder with a thin tube in the middle (the same sorta shape as an RCA audio plug but smaller and it locks into the socket witha twist and turn action (like a bayonet light bulb)
    Your camcorder will probably have RCA plugs out so you might have to make up your own cable or if you buy a "universal VCR cable pack" they usually have generic cables in the pack along with BNC, RCA and mini jack adaptors. Usually only pro cameras will use BNC for video out but most VCR's still use them.

    If I have steered you wrong then take a quick photo of the back panel of the mixer so we know what you need


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    Thanks a lot Chris

    I will look for those...
    get your act right.

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    Eek! How forgetful of me! Apologies Steve and Chris, I've another picture, and it's either one of those two. The RCA (male and female) on the left column, and the BNC (male and female) on the right.

    I am not so sure about your Sony. The slightly older models use a miniplug with 3 bands (video, left, right audio). The newer ones use Sony's proprietary cable, as I have attached (it's a Sony pix), so all you need is another adapter in-between to patch it (on the right of the picture). Otherwise just use the bottom-right connector on the first picture...

    Sorry that it sounds a little confusing, but if I am on the right track, you should know what I mean...
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    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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