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    Hi Nagar

    It's around my vintage you see. In the old days (many years ago) all VCR's and video gear (including pro cams) always used BNC for video output and RCA for audio. The new proprietary plugs are a PAIN!!! he might have to use the Sony AV cable and then feed from the normal RCA's on the end
    (At least my cams have "buyable" plugs on the camera)


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    Thanks a lot guys.. with your help I found out that these cable are BNC (Female) to RCA (Male) Connector.

    You did great Nagar,Chris

    get your act right.

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    I hope your cable doesn't need to have a female BNC. Do note that the male BNC (bottom-right) is the one with the twistable outside to lock onto the bayonet of the female (top-right).
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    Glad to be of help.. at least I know the Edirol (they are Roland really) uses BNC. I am looking out for a small mixer for a new video editing suite, and still looking out for one.. Considering a Mackie, but has not gotten a quote.
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