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    The Matrix

    I was wondering if someone could explain the difference with an aux and the matrix. I have a GL2400 Allen and Heath and I get confused up on the master section. Can some help me get more informed and lose the confusion. Thanks.

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    I like to keep the difference between Aux Sends and A Matrix Send differentiated by what makes up that output.

    Aux Sends are a "mix" from each input channel. These are usually used for monitor mixes and effect sends.

    Matrix Sends are a "mix" usually from each sub-group and/or the main mix faders depending on the audio board you are using. The matrix is usually used for a "adjustable" copy of the main mix that can be used for recordings, overflow rooms, etc..


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    (other) Eric has it spot on, I'd just like to clarify a bit:
    Looking at your specific board, AUX sends (outputs) are level-set from each individual channel and can be set as pre-fader (the aux knob directly controls the level from that channel to the AUX output) or post-fader (the aux knob controls the level from that channel to the AUX output relative to that channel's fader). MATRIX sends are level-set from groups and L/R, they are there so that you can do things such as having an output like a floor monitor only receive signals coming through groups 1 and 2 (keep your mics off of groups 1 and 2 and you won't have feedback but people on the floor can hear things being played back from tape) while another output may only receive signals coming through groups 3 and 4, note that these aren't just assigned but can be level set so that one output may have groups 1 and 2 louder than 3 and 4 but another has 3 and 4 louder than 1 and 2, etc...
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    Exactly what they said! We use the matrix outputs for zones or for breakouts.. On the GL2400 ( I use one for a medium-scale mobile rig) I've even used the matrix as another aux, just mixed all the vox into the main L-R outputs, but assigned them to group 1 (but did not have group 1 going into the L-R main outs) and ran that out to my FX unit....then brought that back into a channel that was assigned to the L-R main mix.... I had a band that needed all 6 auxes for monitors, and it was the only way I could route the FX at the time...


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