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    Cleaning the Lens...

    Ok, I am a little concerned about my lens getting scratched. I want to clean a smudge and other minute stuff off, but dont know what to use. Any suggestions? They dont seem to effect my picture, but won't it damage the lens if I leave it uncleaned? I know this is a lame question, but I am learning, and you guys are the experts...


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    Hi Mitch
    I normally just blow any dust off. Since you have a smudge, then it's obvious that you have no UV filter on the lens!!! Slap on a UV and the lens will say clean. The UV is tough glass so I clean mine with Iso-Alcohol from the pharmacy. It shouldn't damage a coated lens but first see if you can simply wipe the smudge off with a lens cloth or tissue (from the photo or optical store)
    Iso wipes are also useful (I even clean my heads with them!) They are the little sealed wipes that the doctor uses prior to giving you a shot!!!


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    Tahnk you. I actually put a UV lens on yesterday, and I feel much more comfortable. Thank you.



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