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    Mono Sound with 2 XLR's...

    Hello again, everyone. I have never used 2 mics simultaneously before, and I just got 2 today. When I plug them both in, I get sound on the right from one mic, and sound on the left from the other. If I use 1 mic, I get stereo...

    Is there something that I am doing wrong? Is it suppose to have sound from one mic to one particular channel? ...and, is there a way to hear both mics in stereo?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Most equipment works this way, you record the two sources separately, then when you go back to play or edit, you can mix them as needed, it is much better to record this way as there is no way to separate them if you record them mixed.
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    SOunds like a plan to me! Thank you for your help!


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    there's a way to record the left and right channels separately and input them into 2 different tracks in your DAW , only if your equipment and software allows it though

    let's see.. if you're using a mixer or something... change the panning of both the mics into their respective.. panning.. lol. so... left mic panned all the way left, right mic panned all the way right...

    then in your DAW, when you specify the source of the sound that's recorded in each track.. you can change the sound source to stereo, then choose L or R.

    so pretty much you can have two channels recording the left and right channels at the same time, because when you separate the panning, the stereo will automatically separate them, and record them separately into the specified separate channels..

    omg i mentioned separate so many times hahah.. i hope that makes sense though.

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    Quote: mitch
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    SOunds like a plan to me! Thank you for your help!

    Not a pain, more of a luxury for the editor


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