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    Critique my site.

    Please feel free to critique my site. It is still a work in progress but feedback now will be more helpful than finishing it and then having to makw changes.

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    On the whole I think it looks fine. Personally I'm not a fan of white text on black backgrounds and I know some people find it hard on the eye. I'm also not keen on popup windows but again that's personal preference.

    Perhaps you could have a little more info on the home page about what you offer - it took me a few clicks to realise that you're offering a website service as well as photographic services. It wasn't immediately obvious why I would want to sign in but I figured it out after looking around a bit.

    Some of the images are large file sizes while others are perhaps a little low and poor quality. For example, this image is 146kB and could be compressed bit more, but this one is only 33kB and looks a bit over-compressed.

    I notice you've used a Phil Collins song on your demo video. Unless you have copyright clearance, that's a problem.

    I think you're heading in the right direction. There's nothing so fundamentally wrong that it can't be fixed later. Continue
    Dave Owen

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    Guess you are a beginner

    Well, you should probably find some nice template, there is a bunch at or hire a professional ! Or you could try some web design tutorials at Good luck!

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    Black as a base color for a Wedding Photography Service?

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    From:Shahin Samaei

    I agree with Dave, black background gives the site a dark, Gothic look (if that's what you want) great. Add some links to the site to bring in some videos, music, news, access to other forums to keep your audience coming back for more. Work in progress, nice, I would like to see this site in about a year, I am sure i will be impressed.

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    your site looks really good
    best of luck !

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    critique de la website

    Hello there;

    Because your site suffers from having poor images, you look to be missing any essential professional attractiveness; thus, failing to impose any real impressions on us - which you MUST be doing, promptly. Immediately!

    You are supposed to be a professional, so the professionals do investments - follow their steps or focus on your own job. You need to publish your name, area of active business, your contact information with a Google map, and THEN - if you can - you need to be exhibiting your artcraft. Make you sure you left your business-card in there. That site, be better not your business identification, clear?

    Your banner is the next worst thing after all, so get rid of that. Look at your BILLS you send to ppl, then save the style on it. If it looks ordinary, try to look that ordinary, as well! It's nothing but a ruining factor right now.

    Unless you are doing very well at image editing, and trust me so few ppl are good at it, don't mess with the images on your own, UPLOAD them as they are.. at the highest possible resolutions; they are your exhibition and reference points.

    When it comes to promote your visual content, a dark background is always a good choice. See the related articles or showcases on, another photographer's site and a short blog entry. Make in on count that I also fancy darker backgrounds. On the contrary, I also find it AS AN ULTIMATE CHALLENGE to do the same stuff on angelic white.

    If you do ask, I can help you building a small site like that tomhops style. Don't think of ASP or whatever computer language which you are not and perhaps shall never be supposed to deal with. Think about it, consider the time you post your message, and it is almost December. By the end of the year change your skin.

    A group of four people with all of whom having not-forgotten-tags, at some hopeless attempt to rescue their friend but in the end which also doesn't seem to be working for now. I suggest you to forget your web team, and be the business contractor instead. It'd be the better in this way. Even with your friends - sign your business contracts! Be the demander and supervisor, you can't focus at your photography works and your business arrangements and the website as 'someother business' all at the same time. Just like you can't manage cooking delicious lunchs and dinners at everytime, and answer all the incoming and outgoing calls just b/c you live at your workshop or office. Part with them, stay away of the site

    Aside with that, your site prooves to be on a solid grounds, a flawless XHTML and easy-to-change CSS / though I didn't bother myself to check your CSS structure. Not to mention that, remove the dead-end links.

    When you're seriopusly involved in web design, I shall then try giving more wisdom in particular techniques and web design matters.

    best regards
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