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    JVC GR-DVM90.. video to PC?

    i just bought a used one, it came with a few different cables but no software

    i'm not even sure i can get the video on my PC or not, can i?

    i plug the S-video into my video card (xfx 8600 gt PCI-e) but i get nothing. not even when i go straight to the TV. but the 1/8" to RCA cable works on the TV.. so i was thinking of getting a RCA to S-video adapter to hook it to my PC. make sense?

    what do i need to do to rip the video from the tapes to an .avi file?

    thanks a bunch

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    This camcorder is Digital so you should be using the DV port from the cam into a Firewire card on your computer. SVideo is analogue so rather use Digital and most NLE's will be able to capture the footage as a DV-AVI file ready to edit


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    thanks for the reply, i appreciate it.

    so i need to pick up a DV to FireWire cable (4 pin to 6 pin), and a FireWire card for my PC... USB is out of the question?

    and i got a copy of Pinnacle Studio 12 from a buddy.. with all of this i should get the results i'm after, right? i hope so.. this is already more difficult than i thought it would be

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    Quite correct!! USB will allow you to copy stills and poor quality web video so Firewire is the only method of getting DV-AVI capture.
    Pinnacle should have a firewiere cature utility that will read the cam BUT do NOT connect with any equipment on. Connect the cable with the cam and PC off then start the PC and when it's ready, put the cam into VCR mode and the camera will be recognised and you can capture. Plugging in a cable with the equipment live is sure to blow your DV port on the camera!!


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    ok i got the card and the cable... but can anyone recommend an easy program for ripping the video to PC? this pinnacle is just too weird for me.. sometimes it kinda works, sometimes it doesn't at all. i'm sure if i spent some time with it i could figure it out, but it seems to be a lot more than i need.

    i just want to get it on my PC, i'll deal with editing and all that later. i'm willing to buy one if needed, i just need something basic for now... any suggestions?

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    Hi JVSee

    Windows Movie Maker!! It's already on your computer and even the upgrade is free. It does good captures from camera to computer


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    thanks a bunch for your help Chris

    i'm kinda pulling my hair out here.. movie maker is saying there's nothing connected. and pinnacle is doing the same thing. they won't recognize the camera (which i barely know how to use, maybe i have it on the wrong setting.. but i think i've tried everything)

    i don't know.. do you have experience with this particular model? what am i doing wrong/what should i do?

    it's not the firewire hookup.. i got pinnacle to capture it once, i just can't anymore

    and i highly doubt i blew that port you mentioned.. i havent connected anything while the power is on

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    Hi JVSee

    Sorry can't help with connectivity with a JVC camera at all. Normally Windows will recognise any device that is connected to a firewire port even if it doesn't know what is is!! At the very least it should say "Unknown Device" Just check in the Device Manager that your firewire is configured correctly and doesn't have a big yellow "!" next to it.

    If the firewire reports that "This device is working correctly" and your camera firewire cable is connected, then when you turn the camera on and switch it to VCR mode, Windows should recognise that an external device is connected. I would check the Firewire configuration first



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