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    Cine Film Viewer/Editor - help!

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me?

    I need to know how to thread 8mm film through a cine film viewer/editor for a job interview (film archives assistant) next week and am looking for a tutorial as I've never done it before!

    I've done a degree in film studies, but we used digital cameras, so though I'm not completely clueless in the area I could really do with a better idea of how to use the machine before I go for the interview.

    How many different types of cine film viewer/editors are there? Is there any advice anyone could give me? I would be most greatful.

    Many thanks!


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    Hi Flis
    No-one has replied and I personally have only used 8mm film viewers and they were very simple indeed. With 8mm you have a full and blank reel that just push on spindles and the film passes under a roller at each end. The business side is the film gate and the 8mm ones as far as I can remember just have a "flip-up" gate so you pull the film from the full reel , go under the roller and then leave enough to go over the gate and the takeup roller and slip into the empty spool. The film needs to be pressed onto the gate platen so the tiny rachet engages into the sprockets and then the glass platen top is just clipped closed.
    I'm sure there are tons of variations and they are all different!!! Look around for various models in maybe your local library and ask nicely how they work????


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    Hi Flis,

    Apologies for being unable to give an adequate reply, as the last time I have ever used any was 15 - 23 years ago, and it was too brief those experiences... I was very young then.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Hmmm, yes, 23 years ago I was still shooting on SVHS and cine 8mm gear was already only found at garage sales and you had to send your exposed film over to England to Agfa or Kodak for processing!!!

    However a lot of film still remains and archival houses are a necessity to preserve our heritages. The Government Archive here is the only place that still has a working 2" quad video reel-to-reel recorder/player!!!

    Hope our friend finds something that will help him?? Maybe look for someone who has a personal museum of cine stuff??? The old film enthusiasts are still out there and love to talk about their passion they had 40 years ago!!


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    Thanks very much Chris and Nagar!

    I have copied down your instructions - it sounds pretty straightforward so we'll see how it goes. The suggestion about asking at the library is a good one so I willl give them a call later

    The job will be dealing with really old footage, like clips from the local area that are as much as 100 years old (there's a clip on their website from 1905!) so I need to be really careful with what I'm doing.

    Thanks again for your help! Oh, and I'm a girl, by the way


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    My Apologies!!!
    I just figured with a name as close to mine it was an interpretation of "Christopher"

    We shall make sure that we don't trip up again and refer to you as "he"


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    Oh nay, nay... no thanks to me, I was merely rambling... there was nothing constructive from my post at all!

    If this helps you feel better Chris, I had the same thoughts about Flis' gender as yourself!

    Do let the good people here know if you've got the job too Flis. All the best!
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Ah that's ok! I was just trying to create a clever nickname - my name is actually Felicity

    But yes! Interview is tomorrow - am rather nervous but looking forward to it. Will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks very much!

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    Hi Felicity
    Good luck on the interview tomorrow and you will find that if you just use common sense with the practical side it will be easy.
    Let us know how you went!!


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    I'm a bit late here but I'm keen to know how the interview went too!

    To be honest I'd be surprised if they insisted on previous experience - it's hard to imagine that many applicants would have done much film threading. In any case it's not exactly rocket science.

    Ahhh, memories come back of winding up the old Super8 home movies when I was a young lad. The clicking sounds and flickering lights in a darkened lounge.... the panicked scrambling when the film jammed....
    Dave Owen


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