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    Help Burma Aug 8

    I need quick help. How do I get info. to news media about 3 men walking from West Coast to U.N. to present a petition and ask for help for the tortured people of Burma by their own Government. They are walking to the U.N. in New York and arriving Aug 8th for Freedom for the people of Burma. China and Russia are stripping the country of Natural resources and aiding the military. Tomorrow, around the world, Burmese people are arriving at United Nations to cry out for help.

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    Sorry, this reply wasn't exactly quick and it's too late for you, but anyway....

    Pretty much any decent-sized news outlet would have a section on their website to submit news. Look for links like "Submit News" or "News Tips", etc. Here's an example at

    If you can't find an obvious link, look in the "Contact Us" section.
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