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    PD170 Vs Sony HVR-1000 and FX1

    Also to add to my previous thread, I get confused with camera pricing. Why would the camera I own at the moment (Sony PD170 standard Def) retail at more than, for instance, Sony HVR-1000 and Sony FX1? These are both HD cameras and so presumably produce higher quality images.


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    Simple reason. PD170 is a broadcast quality little camera (by little I mean not shoulder mount) capable for ENGs and even David Lynch (director of all bizarre movies) was using it recently for his shoots (presumably for his website? I saw it on Sachtler website).

    The Sony HVR-1000 and FX1 are 'marked-up' models lying in between the consumers and prosumers series. The HVR-1000 looks pro on the outside, and has some good features that a little handheld HDV consumer doesn't have, other than that, no difference. The FX1 is a lower version of the HVR-V1 series. Both models do not have pro-audio module and input (XLR). I cannot remember about the CMOS and CCD size difference though. This is the gist, I guess.
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    Hi Tom
    Also bear in mind that the PD170 is an old camera and in it's day it was pretty expensive compared to current prices. Cam prices have come down drastically and the HD1000 will still give a way better image than the PD170 as it films in full HD. Technology has got better and images as well. You would find that the HD1000 will even give a better SD image if you downconvert in the cam.
    I do agree that they have become more "plastic and cheap" but the technology is streaks ahead even if the overall build is not!! My original Panasonic GS500 (prosumer only) cost $2500 when it was released and similar specs in a camcorder now can be achieved for under $1000. I sold it last year "as new" for $624!!!
    Just remember what a low spec computer used to cost 10 years ago!!!!!



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