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Thread: Lapel Mic

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    Lapel Mic

    Is it okay to use a lapel mic for other purposes? I have a nice shure lapel mic which seems to work pretty well in any situation. Any reason for not using it?

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    As a general rule: Just use your ears. If it sounds good then you made the right decision. Pioneers in the field did not always just use their gear one way. Feel free to get creative and experiment. Not everything will work, but you will gain a vast amount of knowledge about that mic and what applications it is suited for.

    Just out of curiosity, what is the application you would like to use the mic for?

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    Thanks for the reply. I don't have any particular application in mind but I think it sounds better than the other mics I have. I used it yesterday on a boom pole to pick up an interview and it worked okay. Probably not as good as a specialist mic but it did work.


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