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    Help to fix my recovered MP4 file

    I have deleted my MP4 files from SD card accidentally. Then I try using several undelete sofeware to recover my files.

    After files restore, the file cannot be played by any media players. My PC can play MP4 files, but only those recovered MP4 cannot be played.

    I try to use GSopt to examine those files,all attributes are still there (e.g. resolution, codec information...etc), but it appear as "Codec status undetermined" at the top-right hand corner.

    At the bottom when I try to review this file, it said "GSpost is not yet capable of attempting to render this video type"

    Please help as I really need to recover these video files.
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    You can try VLC or Media Player Classic, but results do seem doubtful at this point.
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    Sounds like the recovered MP4 files have been corrupted on recovery so more than likely they are lost forever.

    SD drive cameras really worry me!!! I am loathe to update my current cams from MiniDV because of all the horror stories I hear about SD cards and once it's gone it's gone!!! At least if you delete a DV-AVI file you can simply re-capture from the tape again. I think I would need cams that still had a tape and an SD card so I had a little insurance!!!


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