MC Altair v0.8 has been released. Download the files here or use the updated setup tool.

What's new

The only new feature is the long-awaited color scheme option. You can set a global color scheme and/or separate colors for individual elements.

New variables:

colorScheme: Global color scheme
fpButtonColor: Color of the "First Play" button.
cpPlayBtnColor: Play button color.
cpStopBtnColor: Stop button color.
cpVolumeCtrlColor: Volume control color.
cpScrubberColor: Color of the scrubber background.
cpScrubberLoadedColor: Color of the "loaded" bar in the scrubber.
cpScrubberElapsedColor: Color of the "elapsed" bar in the scrubber.

Roadmap to v1.0

- More size variables
- Separate config options for fullscreen mode
- Logo/watermark option
- Improved integration with streaming servers
- Show/hide settings for individual elements
- Improved JavaScript integration