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    Help with short repetitive video clips on website

    Can anyone tell me how to do what you see on the link below with video clips? I'd like to do exactly the same thing on my site where people click on a text and a repetitive video plays over an over until next selection is made.

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    This post is from a newbie...but below is a good media college link that helped me embed video on our website.
    Have you been there yet?

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    Yes I am a newbie. I'll check it out. I have inserted video before but what this site has that I like is text that links to which video is shown and the video repeats over and over until another text link is selected. See what I mean? I'm not sure how to link the video with the selelcted text and how to get video to continuely repeat in dreamweaver.

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    Had trouble with my here I am (formerly the sequel).

    Sorry--I wasn't calling you a newbie--I was just qualifying anything I had to say.

    I haven't tried anything like that but will look into it. Let me know if you figure out in the meantime. I am just embarking on Dreamweaver myself. Have just sort used a mix of Frontpage and code up to now.



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