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    Introduction and a very simple question

    Hello everyone. I am new here and I have a question please. I am a still photographer and am about to begin creating videos for podcasting and posting to a website. I am a bit confused about how shutter speed figures into my settings in a manual mode on my video cameras. I purchased 2 Canon XH A1 cameras and I don't quite understand how to figure shutter speed into my exposure settings. With the frames set to 30 frames per second, what influence does a shutter speed have and how is my consideration of shutter speed different in video than it is in still photography? Also, what are the considerations of asa and how do they differ from still photography?


    ~ Frank

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    Hi Frank
    Video frame rate and shutter speed are two different animals. Setting your shutter speed has no effect on the video frame rate. Camcorders tend to use a fairly low shutter in normal situations (around 1/50th) and then adjust the aperture to expose the image correctly (with the lens full open it also has "electronic gain" to provide a brighter image so you can consider this as "opening the lens even more" but you will get noise!!)
    Most cameras are happy at around 1/50 in manual but if the light warrants it you can use a higher shutter speed. Higher shutter speed in video is mainly used where you are filming fast moving action and need to minimise blur.


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    Shutter speed

    Welcome to the forum, I too am new to this group. The one thing I've discovered that shutter speed will efect. It's when filming under lights in different parts of the world. In Australia, our lamps phase at 1/50th whereas in the US they phase at 1/60th so you need to adjust the shutter speed to match or your footage may pulse as it's out of sequence with the lamps. That's the only time I change the speed. Unless you're looking for a special effect as you do when shooting stills.

    Good luck

    May your lens always be dust free.



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