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    Quote: BlueBoden
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    Thats a general misunderstanding many beginners have, anyone can write html, but that dosn't mean its valid.

    Properly written html is very close to xhtml, and can be "converted" or rewritten in less to no effort, depending on the complexity of the site, static sites are obviously easier to rewrite.
    Yes, this is true, however, from a learning standpoint, I find it better to learn the most-rigid rules set first (XHTML with linked css) and then allow for variance (HTML 4 and earlier with embedded css and maybe some scripts).
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    It might be better I'm not really sure on that, but it wouldn't be by much.

    You could also apply some of the same rules, or guidelines when making HTML pages, the majority of learning sites however don't, which again makes the gab between html and xhtml larger.

    When we are talking about xhtml, it would be worth to mention that the benefits from using xhtml often is exaggerated, it actually would create some incompatibilities with older browsers, since serving xhtml with text/html would introduce other issues, as referenced on quite a few websites by now. Not that i care for these browsers anyway.

    Its also likely that the exaggeration started among beginners, which again finally pushed it into the industry as standard, as a result some web designers may be very ignorant towards those who simply use html.

    We haven't really got any strict rules we need to follow, we do however have a bunch of guidelines with best-practices. While i wouldn't list using xhtml as one of them, quite a few web designers do, usually for reasons which doesn't even hold truth.

    Its almost like the Floats vs Absolute Positioning argument i sometimes run into, all through this thread is just about which language we prefer.

    Beginners often ask which language they should learn first, well why not start setting some goals as of what to make, and simply learn about each subject as needed, I've found that its by far the best way to learn.

    If you are aiming to become a web designer, then simply slowly start listing your skills/offers as you feel comfortable with them, surely what you got is worth something. You don't need to know everything about web design before you start your business, a lot of stuff is actually rarely used.

    I would list the most important stuff like this.
    (x)'HTML + CSS
    Absolute minimum, static websites may still have some value, all through i assume it would be very hard to make a living from it.
    Server Side Scripting I.e. PHP
    Used to create dynamic websites, often in combination with a database such as MySQL.
    Database I.e. MySQL
    It would be hard to simply work with the file system alone, so learning to use a database would be preferred.
    Can be used to create WYSIWYG textarea fields for forums and such, which is a nice feature for those with scripting enabled.
    Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

    It may seam overwhelming for some, but aside from knowing HTML/CSS, its actually quite easy to pick up another language when you are familiar with another, such as learning JavaScript or Actionscript when being familiar with PHP. AS and JS are very alike, so this is again somewhere you shouldn't have a difficult time picking up one when knowing another.

    WYSIWYG Editors
    I never use such editors, i find it far easier to code by hand. The result is usually cleaner as well, but that may be due to incorrect usage of those editors. Some of them have a nice source editor, but then again, so do lots of free alternatives.

    If its strictly for learning purposes, then my answer would be pick whatever you want. If you however want your website to work in older browsers, then pick html, as serving xhtml as text/html might introduce other issues, which would need to be worked around.
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    My vote is going to PHP language because PHP is used mainly in server-side scripting, but can be used from a command line interface or in standalone graphical applications. Textual User Interfaces can also be created using PHP.

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    XHTML for web designer

    My opinion is XHTML it is modern language and extended form of HTML

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    You should learn the basics of HTML and CSS

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    I think you should learn somthing about html and CSS.They're bases.
    good luck.

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    Hello Friends......

    For learning Web Designing you should now HTML and some basics of Computer.
    HTML is hyper text markup language. It is easy to learn and understand.


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