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Thread: Rounded Corners

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    Rounded Corners

    I am trying to create smaller 2x2 web ads for my website, but I cannot figure out how to round the corners and export to a transparent GIF. Any advice?

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    You also need a technique to use these images, once made. I would recommend you simply make them in Paint.NET or Gimp if you don't have photoshop.

    One technique (which is fine for fixed-width layouts), is cutting how a image into three parts, and using them as background-images on division elements.


    As said, fine for fixed-width layouts. But it just wouldn't work for percentage based layouts. This is where you would use a complex float layout, or resort to the easier solution with absolute positioning of your division elements.

    You would usually slice the image into 8 parts, or use the CSS Sprites technique. Anyway one part for each border you use.

    In any case, each border will need its own division element, positioned inside a containing element with its position set to relative. The border-divisions would then be placed outside the content division by using a negative value. An example can be seen at:

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