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    Final Cut Express basics not working

    So I got a new version of Final Cut Express... I used this program several years ago in college, but have been using different editing programs since. But it seems like some of the basic functions aren't working for me. The color corrector, and really just about all of the video filters. Not to mention it's wanting to render EVERYTHING... I mean iMovie isn't even as time consuming as this has been for me since I started. I'm hoping there are some preferences that need to be changed, or maybe I'm working with .avi or .mov file types that need special treatment. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Hi there, what do you mean by 'not working'? The changes needs to be rendered? And it will be good to furnish details of your source file (what it is) and also the settings of your Apple.

    Just a quick thought. You could be opening too many Apps, or running out of RAM to deliver the speed.
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