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    User Forms

    I recently placed a contact form on one of my websites. I used a php script to send the completed form to my email address. Is there a way I can also have images uploaded and sent to the same email address when the form is submitted.

    Also, does anyone know how I can use a verification image on the form to try and avoid spam messages.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Your best bet is to find a more powerful contact form script. It sounds like you're using a basic form-to-email script (nothing wrong with that) but the features you want will require something more. Sorry I don't have any specific recommendations but I think you need to hit Google and search for things like "form to email script upload files captcha" (CAPTCHA is what the image verification systems are called).
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    I am not sure I completely understand you, but I will try. When you say you are trying to have images uploaded as well, are you saying that when the email gets sent to the recipient you want an image to appear in the body of the text as well? If so, are you need to do is place the <img> code in with he message=''; portion of the php mail code.

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    Don't know idea about image verification.


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