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    Grandient/ Fade out image in Titler Premier Pro

    I want use part transparent image in Titler Pr, but it always cut out the transparent part.

    I don't know if my exporting or saving of the image is wrong, but when I use same image in video track it is as it should be, part transparent.

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    Hi Petra

    When you make up your image/graphic in your favorite graphics program. export the file as a "transparent png" rather than a jpeg. That will assure that it will have a transparent alpha channel.


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    Hi Chris,

    I did, I tried export png32, tif, psd..

    Transparent background work only with hard edges, but when I use fade out effect, it cut out part of the image.

    Here is sample:

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    I have a sneaky suspicion that this is a problem with the Premiere Title Designer. I can't be 100% sure but I think when I researched this last time I found that the titler doesn't support transparent gradients. Hopefully someone else can give you a more definitive answer.
    Dave Owen


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