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    My name is Smita Narechania and I work at Essex High School, located in Essex Junction, Vermont, U.S.A. I am designing a web page for our audio-visual department. I was searching for sites with tutorials on using various media resources and I stumbled onto your site. Your site is wonderful and has great information for the school film production class. I would like to provide a link to your site on the AV web page. I would like to use one of the graphics you provided on the Link to Media College Page in combination with the image on your home page (image homepage3.jpg). I would also like to use some of the graphics which are on various tutorial pages of your site. I want to know who I should contact for the permission to use graphics.

    Thank you!

    Smita Narechania

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    Hey Smita, I'm really sorry that I didn't reply sooner. For some reason I missed your message.

    You can use the images on this site for non-profit purposes as long as you include a link to this website and a discreet message saying something like "Thanks to for the use of certain images at this website". Or words to that effect.

    Sorry again about the delay and I hope I'm not too late.
    Dave Owen


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