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    Help choosing tripod for videocam

    Im in posession of a HF10 and needs a tripod. Not too expensive though.

    Someone here who could recommend some?

    Needs: Vaccation, weddings, kids....
    Budgset: $100 - $200.
    Preffered something I can travel with, but perhaps not too small...
    Im about 6'2.

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    that really requires a lot of touchy feely (so to speak), I have a manfrotto 728B it's nice and I really like the way the leg locks work... very easy to open and expand. I also have a manfrotto monopod that I use and find that it works very well with a bit of practice. The monopod:679B with a 486RC2 head about $120usd new for the combo. Can't remember what I paid for the Sticks. I wish the sticks where a bit beefier cuz the SLR is pushing the upper end of the weight load. But it is light and easy to transport both have identical quick mount plates.

    A link to a tri-pod that may work for you. A company located in NY, NY, USA

    good luck sorry for the ramble.

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    Hi there,

    The HF10 is a videocam and should not be on this thread, haha...

    But since you've asked. I've handled the HF10 a short while back and I find that it's very small cam for a 6'2 person like you! But you might want to check out a Libec TH-650. Very affordable and decent. I even use it for my semi-pro cameras! The Manfrottos (or Bogen as they are called in another country?) are great as well, but possibly pricier.
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