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    Please need help for Sony DCR-VX 2100?

    Hi to everyone

    I would like to know if this camcorder have Digital effects such as: Wipe, dissolve, fade out-in, Photostill etc.?

    Because I'm planning to buy a handy camcorder that has effects?

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    It has a few digital effects but not a lot. If you want a camera with lots of effects you would be better off looking elsewhere. The VX2100 is a semi-professional camera and it is assumed that if you are serious enough to buy this camera, then you are probably serious enough to be editing your footage and adding your effects in post-production (rather than when you're shooting).

    You can download the user manual for the VX2100 and see what effects it has here (4.8MB):
    Dave Owen

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    the effects on the camera itself aren't worth a damn.
    the post production stage is where you ought to do your effects etc.


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