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    Sony PD170 - Yellow video port not working

    Hey guys

    The company I work for owns a Sony PD170 which is mainly used for live video feed during shows and events

    At our last event this weekend, the yellow video port (the one directly below the S-Video port) suddenly stopped working as the camera was standing still on the tripod

    The Camera has been used for 5 years now with no problems at all, and with high attention to delicacy when moving the camera around while it is hooked up

    anyone has that happened to them before? what might have caused this problem?

    Apparently we have to get it to a Sony Service Center, to have the video panel replaced completly (which costs a lot, including labor)

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    Hi Mark
    It might be worth seeing if the SVideo port works?? If it doesn't then you have no option but to replace the board. However, if it does then you can take an SVideo feed out from there and the usual audio feeds on their own cables provided your other gear can accept SVideo as well as composite video. However it's probable that both feeds come off the same video board so you might just have to smile and pay!!!


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    the S-Video sends out a video signal indeed, we tried it using an adaptor and plugged it directly into the coax cable feeding our console

    the audio ports on the board work as well, theres only the yellow video port that has stopped working

    do you guys know if this could get damaged via continous usage ?

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    Hi Mark

    Unless you have an unusual voltage from the gear that the video port is feeding then usage will have no effect on it. Typical video signals are around 1 volt peak to peak so unless some stray voltage from the console has blown the port, then it's really "wear proof"
    Just a silly question but you have tried other cables/equipment from the yellow port to make sure that it's the actual port????

    With the ridiculous costs of simple repairs from camera centres it might be better to just use the SVideo output (it's better quality than composite anyway!!)


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    Yes everything's been tested and the port is actually damaged/broken to the point where it doesnt work, but we still can't figure out what might have caused it

    the voltage issue is an interesting point, but the console operator says theres a slim to none chance that this would have happened

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    Hi there,

    If the rest of your system can handle the S-Video, you might as well live with it. Technically S-V is supposed to give a better visual, but on live feeds, I find it does not make too much difference. I am wondering if the connection's gone off (there's a metal connector inside that touches the core to deliver the feed), and yup it does sound really simple and ridiculous, but sometimes that's it. Whether to repair it really depends on how long your company plans to stick with it before the next overhaul of equipment. If it's more than 3 years, it might be a sound decision to repair it.

    The probable reason for this issue comes from the constant plugging/unplugging of the RCA cable (and sometimes not 'gently' removed eventhough the the camera's well handled in general). That's my take from what I can see.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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