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    I need some help with Sharp Aquos LC-30HV4U 30" LCD Flat-Panel HD-Ready TV

    I bouht this Tv/monitor for 200 bucks! but it does not come with the avs sytem. wich i guess it some type of tuner. the Tv does not have any video/audio input. only two inputs wich are what i think vga. it has the "vga" cable wich is supposed to be hooked up to that box/avs system. is there a way to some how make that cord into a video audio so i can hook up a cable box or dvd player? what would be the easiest way i can do this? with out buying that avs system wich i was told at best buy is 600 bucks. any help would be greatly appreciated
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    I got bad news for you. You may want to sell that on ebay or something and start over
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    If I'm not wrong, you might get it to work. Try looking for a TV tuner with VGA output (it doesn't cost 600, more like 200). Ask electronic shops where there're experienced technicians to help you out in this.

    But first, you've gotta make sure the inputs and outputs of the monitor you own or you'll be spending unnecessary money!
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    The manual shows that it works as one unit, there are two interconnect cables, I'd test it with a PC first.
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    Have you had any success with the Sharp Aquos LCD. I have the same TV and the AVC box has crapped. I have set the TV up using my cable box connecting it with HDMI-DVI cable. Needed to connect sound through my surround sound system. I need to turn the LCD on using the tech set up mode (plug in LCD while holding input and vol-). Picture is great, however after watching for 2-3 hours I get an error message indicating TV does not accepting and HDMI signal. Reset the TV and everything is fine again. Not sure if there is a fix for getting the system to turn on without the AVC other than the tech mode. Also not sure how to bypass the HDMI error message.


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