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    Global editing

    Hi I am in the process of building a large website for a furniture co. and am rather new at ecommerce. Each page will have a nav menu and top logo with links...that's over 300 pages, so if I have to change some little detail I'm in for a long afternoon of toil... I was wondering would it be possible to build those in html and then somehow embed them in a file that the browser could call on each time the page is visited.
    Ps I was leaning towards javascript as a solution as I am not sure I have ssi enabled in this hosting plan, and would not even know how to use it

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    Hi Maggiemay, sorry I missed this question when you posted it.

    The following page has a quick rundown of the various options:

    I personally think SSI is much better than JavaScript, but my personal favouritre is using the "Find and Replace" command.
    Dave Owen


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