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    Hi everyone, I am new to MAC and I need to know what equipment do I need in order to be able to transfer a video VHS to my MAC.
    I'll be using Adobe Premiere CS3 to edit.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Medial

    You will need a DV Bridge unit that can accept Analogue inputs from the VHS VCR either composite or SVideo and then the output from the unit is Firewire which your computer will capture. Datavideo make a suitable unit called the DAC100 0r 200

    If you have a camcorder then check to see if it has analogue inputs and "passthru" If it does then you can also use this as a conversion unit


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    I do a lot of conversion, especially older wedding videos which I re-edit and author to DVD. I use a Canopus (Grass Valley now) ADVC300. It provides exceptional conversion with linear time base correction, 2D & 3D noise reduction, 3D Y/C separation, black expansion, white peak adjustment and audio sync that has never failed me. It is totally Mac compatible. If you are doing a lot of analog to digital conversion, especially with older problematic sources, this can't be beat.

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    Help me please

    Since you asked so nice...Check out Pinnacle Video..on-the web, they have a neat little package called Studio Ultimate which comes as Movies in a box... has this little dome devise which acepts RCA imputs, from any devise, on front side, and USB port on the oposite side for plug and play to your computer, the Pinnacle Ultimate software is a low-end editing platform, allowing authoring to Tape out, DVD, or File, easy to use, and cost effective.... was $150.00 us first of the year....

    Check it out, it's working for me!


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    If you are going to use a USB device then make sure that it has Time Base Correction like the DVC200 or ADVC300. Otherwise your video and audio will end up way out of sync.
    You will also find a host of real cheapies available for as little as $50 that claim to be "DVD Makers" with analogue inputs and a USB output but they have no TBC at all!!


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