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    Gruesome Special Effects


    I need some ideas on how to shoot a realistic looking dismemberment. It involves a person chopping up another person in a kitchen. What would be the best way to go about this?

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    Don't show it, leave it to the mind, show the before, show the after, show other things 'during'. You'd be surprised how much the mind interpolates.
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    If it set in a kitchen then you see the man go to cut up the other one and then get a medium shot of the house with a lot of shouting a screeming in the background

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    Yeah try doing "Before" and "After" and see how it goes.

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    All you really need is a chainsaw sound effect and then have the talent come out of the kitchen with fake blood all over his clothes carrying a garbage bag and the viewer will assume that the poor victim has been chopped into bits.

    It will be a little messy to actually dis-member something like an animal and probably highly illegal to slaughter an animal or carcass in a domestic area.



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