Win an iBUYPOWER system powered by Intel by submitting a three minute or less video about your favorite gaming moment. Is it when you finally beat your older brother at Super Smash Brothers or when you waited on the sidewalk all night for Grand Theft Auto IV? Show us in a creative and fun way and you can win $2,000 in AmEx gift cards and a Video Pro System from iBUYPOWER.

• Record, edit and submit your Favorite Gaming Memory to our Contest Group by Oct 10.
• Register at so we can contact you with your prize if you win.
• Tell your friends to vote for their favorite videos at Digital Trends between Oct. 13 to 5 p.m. PST Oct. 17.

Entries will be judged on:
Preliminary Round (Finalists will be announced Oct. 13)
• Content. Videos should be creative and humorous.
• Length. Videos should be less than three minutes.
• Requirements. Videos should meet the Contest Terms and Conditions.

Final Round (Voting Ends 5p.m. PST Oct. 17)
• Votes. After making it to the Final Round, users will vote on the Digital Trends Poll from October 13 to 5p.m. PST Oct. 17.

Contest Terms and Conditions
Standard, as listed by iBUYPOWER. Also, make sure to keep your original files so we can put your video on our site if it’s one of the top ten.

Questions? Feel free to post them on the Youtube Contest Page! Thanks for reading and good luck!