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    XL1 microphone extension

    Hello all.

    I have a Cannon XL1 and am in need of an extension cord/cable for the microphone. I recently purchased a shotgun mic and have plenty of cable and it works fine, but I totally missed that it's mono not stereo. The microphone that comes with my camera but for the work I'm doing, I need it closer to the actors...does anyone know of a specific cable extension for this or do I need to piece one together by getting what I need at Radio Shack or something?



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    Hmm.. I understand your concern, but my question is whether you do need the stereo? Is there some sort of panning (audio) or mic-ing involved that requires left and right as separate tracks for your current and perhaps future situations?

    To add, we cross 2 mono mics for stereo (better). But if you only have one, you'll have to manually 'pan' while on the shoot (that's the soundman doing it on the field mixer...).
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