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    Sony Alpha series

    Does anyone have an opinion to offer on the new Sony Alpha series of DSLRs?

    I work at a senior secondary college, and I get asked to do a lot of the college's marketing material, including photography. I'm trying to build up an image library. The images are used for multimedia, but also often for the local papers.

    At the moment, I'm making do with an old Sony DSC-H2, but I've finally managed to convince management that it's just not up to the task, and they've agreed to fork out for a reasonable DSLR.

    I've had a look at the Sony a300, which seems a reasonable enough prosumer camera.

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    Hi there clownfish,

    Sony Alphas are okay, their technology is mainly based on the now-defunct Konica-Minolta cameras (which Sony purchased). There are few things to think about.

    1. After sales service support
    Is it readily available in your region? And are they reliable?

    2. General users' group in your region
    This does not seem important, but I think having a community that uses the same tool helps when it comes to giving tips and (even) purchasing second-hand lenses (whether Sony, Canon or Nikon)

    3. Third-party hardware/software
    Third-party brands that builds lenses (especially) for the Sony. The usual suspects are Tamron (I don't know if they have a 17-50mm for the Sony, but it is fantastic), Sigma or Tokina. They cost only a fraction of the cost of a branded lense.

    4. Futureproof
    For example. With technology, the market is slowly moving back to full-frame cameras (without a 1.5X crop sue to size of sensor/chip). I don't recall Sony having any plans of doing so but that is worth a consideration. That may not have any effects now, but perhaps a couple of years (2 - 4 yrs).

    Personally I prefer Canon or Nikon as they are the bigger players with an established and very complete systems.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    The Sony DSLRA200 is more expensive than the DSLRA100 I bought 3 months ago. There seems to be only slight incremental changes (e.g., slightly larger LCD). A selling point for the Sony line of DSLR is the ability to use Minolta Maxxum lenses with no loss of functionality.

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    i've had my a100 for 2 years now and have hardly any complaints. i'd love to upgrade to the 700 and more so to the 900. i shoot lots of wakesports on to stills of houses, interiors etc.. the camera is worth the $$ and when i bought it, the bang for the buck was the key selling point.. i've grown to really like it. it takes a beating too.. i'm not real easy on my equiptment sometimes, and i've never had a problem w/ it. for what they sell for today, i'd highly recommend it for what you are doing. i have done stuff for a few local magazines, and tons of stuff for websites, ads etc...


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