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    Problem with review panel in Windows Movie Maker

    When I transfer video from my camcorder (Sony DCR-TRV22E) to Windows Movie Maker only the top half of the review panel is working. The bottom half displays video noise. End result is that I can only see the top half of the pictures that are being transferred. When I play the transferred images on the story board they are fine. The whole picture gets shown.

    I've got the latest version of Direct X installed and the latest drivers for the video card (Matrox 450 dual head). The Firewire capture card is a cheapie but it has an NEC chip and I reason that it's all working OK because the video signal from the camcorder is actually being captured perfectly, it's just that I can't see the whole picture in the review screen while it is being captured.(I can see the whole picture in the LCD on the camcorder, but that's not the point - I should be able to see it in the review panel too.)

    The PC has a 2.3 gig chip and 256mb of RAM. The hard drive holds 80gb and is nearly empty. It spins at 7200 RPM.

    I'd appreciate any help that's available,

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    Sorry you haven't had any help with this one. Unfortunately not many video people know much about Windows Movie Maker because it's considered a bit of a toy.

    I've experimented with Windows Movie maker a bit and I couldn't even get simple editing tasks done. I know you won't want to hear this but it's not a good enough tool to be editing with and I'd recommend getting something better.
    Dave Owen


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