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    What software will prevent file theft?

    Hi, I have bought software from to enable me to stream videos on my website. What I noticed in the code produced in order to stream the video, is that it shows the location of the associated video files.

    What software out there can I use in order to not show this to any devious competitors looking to steel my testimonials videos given by customers?

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    I just stumbled upon this forum a few minutes ago and posted a helpful reply for someone... then I thought I'd read around and maybe post some more... but I noticed a trend here that people post the most irrelevant replies that go beyond thread hijacking... it must be a new phenomena... I'll call it thread jerking... its where you post any ol' crap on someone elses thread for no other reason than the fact that you can

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    in answer to the original poster... search google for -> PHP Flash streaming -> check this out (my keyboards rtn key is foobar - sorry for the long lines)
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    I don't know of any software that will prevent file theft but a good hardware solution is a piece of cardboard between your network connector and the wall
    (In short: If it's on the internet, it is publicly accessible)
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