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    how can i becom a cinematographer

    hey guys,
    This is liaqat i m working as a cameraman and want to becom a cinematographer so what should i to do?
    On the other note i want to shoot sun rising shot I have a camera DSR 400p its a sony model camera?

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    Hi there liaqat,

    Well first have the passion to do it.

    Second, watch a lot of movies and have lots of imagination, that's important for a cinematographer... get familiar with the terms used in cinematography, it's helpful. Technically, whether you are working on conventional film/Digital, know the functions of your camera inside out.. that includes different lenses, film stock, and also the other equipment like dollies, tripods and so on...

    Enrolling yourself in a film-making course that includes hands-on and projects will be a tremendous help.

    As for shooting the sunrise, I am not sure what you are asking. Elaborate if you may.

    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Nagar thanks

    Hey Nagar
    Whats up.
    Exactly i need proper learning cinematography but the problem is that there are not any institute in my homeland pakistan, thats my problem.
    By the Way Thanks for suggestion.

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    The next best thing... see if you can work/help out in a film/video making company. The smaller the better as the chances of learning is higher. But be prepared you might be exploited as cheap labor and do all kind of odd jobs. Most importantly, be observant and ask as many questions as possible. If you have nice colleagues, and you are hardworking, you'll learn a great deal.

    Remember that you might not learn the 'correct' steps like you learn in school as your colleagues themselves might not be properly trained too... so match and think of what they are doing and what you learn with some info you can find online... I will see if I can find any site that offers help in this. And I'm sure the others in this forum will contribute in whatever ways they can.

    That's what I called passion-driven learning. Many of the home-grown film-making folks did that.

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    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    If you can come to India, there are plenty institution, if you have budget
    you can join Film Institute at PUNE .,
    You are in KARACHI., and KARACHI is my birth place.

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    hi ashwin,
    how are you.i sent an e mail to pune institute of film making school for what is the procedure of admission but they did not reply me.
    by the way where u born in karachi.
    I can operate Dv Cams and i am working as a cameraman in a pvt production house.I want to learn cinematography properly from an institute or assisting any cinematographer.But in pakistan there is not any institute for learning cinematography.would u like to tell me what should i to do any sugesstion u can mail me this is my E-mail:
    Thank you

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    I was born in Karachi., and after partition, we all left Karachi., since then
    We have settled in KOLKATA., in Karachi our house was situated Just opposite to MUNICIPAL builing, there was a NALA there., road name was THATHIA COMPOUND., opposite to our building there was a HINDU TEMPLE
    when we left karachi., we were film distributer and our office was on BUNDER ROAD

    I am doing PHOTOGRAPHY since last 40 years., And Videography also

    what about you...


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