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    I need to duplicate a actor in a same frame, so I used the "Duplicating an actor in the same frame" Tutorial using a split-screen. But I can't do it! How can i make so the transition doesn't move? In general how can I duplicate a actor using Sony Vegas?
    Please help, I have been doing trial and error for so long now.

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    Duplicating Talent in Frame

    Greetings, I can not specifically answer your question, don't have Vegas on board! But here is some logic, which might advance your effort.

    Fist look for the Video over-lay line on the Vegas edit screen, your desire is to Over-lay a duplicate image next to the Original image, so technically they are on seperate planes, only apearing to be in same-frame config.

    Additionally, you can shoot your subject in green-screen format, then play back and record the first stream with the interlace, having your subject now interacting with the playback version, on what will become a second recorded stream.....

    It is important to consider, that computer based editing is limited in some functions, Live switch production can, in some cases, remove certain obsticles, which post editing will struggle to reproduce, sometime hard shooting your tricks is just quicker, when applicable!

    Hope this helps, if not, well maybe this will spur other replys!

    Please excuse the spelling, I'm a producer not a writer.....


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    I don't think you can edit the transitions in Vegas enough to do this, so you might have to crop one of the images instead. That's fine, it's the same end result.

    Go to Tools > Video > Video Event Pan/Crop. I'm not too familiar with this tool but essentially you need to crop the image of the uppermost layer so you can see half the lower layer underneath. I hope that makes sense.
    Dave Owen


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