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    Making safety videos for Work!

    Hello all,

    Just had a question about which is the best type of mic to use for DV being shot here at work. Low budget but need to cut out background noise.

    Do we need mic on a boom? or what? Any suggestions and where we can purchase such equipment would be helpful.



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    A medium shotgun (directional mic) sounds like the go. I never like the sound of "low budget" but you can get reasonably good mics without spending too much. If you can, go for a Shure or Sennheiser but I suspect these might be a bit expensive for you. I don't know much about mics in the lower range so I can't recommend a cheap brand sorry.

    I would get a boom organized. It depends on exactly what you need to shoot but a boom is a good versatile tool which will help in many situations. You don't need to buy a professional boom - a broom handle can work almost as well.

    Also, use a good lead. A lot of audio is unnecessarily poor quality due to scrimping on the cables.
    Dave Owen

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    Mic for safety videos

    Thanks for the advice. I will look into it.



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