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    -15db is proper audio level in vu metre

    I am working in a news studio. My VU metre shows a -15db audio level which to me is perfect. -20db is going to take peak. Can you tell me weather there is a particular level which I should follow. Weather it differs from house to house? Confusion asore when some fellow told me to follow -20db(min). What should I do? Please reply me back as early as possile.

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    It varies from house to house. Most digital devices support internal dialnorms of -22, -20, -18, or -12 dB (pretend this value is the '0 dB' of your old analog mixer, so that you have room above and below it and most signals bounce around this value). If you get to make the choice for your house, I suggest -18 as that seems to be the most supported by devices that have settings and provides quite a bit of overhead, do note that other factors should influence your decision.
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