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    Streaming Video again sucks...

    hello vry1;

    I am Richie. i came to the site after a long googling... i read examples and tutorials to implement players. eveything was fine till dere. the things sucks at the place where i try to implement those same setting in my web site.

    actually i have to make bunch of streaming video file to be shown on a web site. i used ur code as well as of many by GOOGLING and so.

    my files are in

    i converted files from AVI to FLV using Total Video Converter, and used the path in this website's application to make the player. but again and again it says "FILE NOT FOUND"

    can anyone tell me, wht the hell is this.

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    I get this:
    "Account for domain has been suspended"
    Dave Owen

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    right now itz nt working. itz shit...

    shit man. itz nt worki' but u can understand my prblem. my any flkv is nt workin' even iternet download manager is nt downking it. but other files are being downloaded and shown evenafter in same foler.

    i will give u link again. plz help me..

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