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    Combining two movies in one movie side by side.

    I'm going school in norway, last year on secondary school. And we got this complicated project going on that we have had no time on finishing and no help with. And now we need to hand it in tomorrow and I thought I could impress them by mixing two videos in one to show the difference and the likenes between James Bond and Norwegian fairy-tale.

    So I thought of something like putting this film: next to a short part of James Bond where he fights against some of these evil guys. for example this guy with the bowler hat from korea (I'm not sure but it could be "goldfinger) which fight with James Bond.

    Hope that someone can help me. And if you want to help you can also send me an email (

    Hope for quick reply.

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    Hi there Teabearson,

    If it is a presentation...
    I'm not sure if I am on time with this help, but with the littlest time you have, maybe you will want to standby both clips timed and ready, introduce a clip, show what you need to show, stop it and give a very short speech to connect what they are about to see, and get a friend to toggle to the second video and playback... whoala!

    If it is a hand-in assignment...
    You might be able to use a simple program like windows movie maker to cut the two clips into smaller pieces, place only the pieces you want (eg clip A is the Norwegian tale and clip B, James Bond. Simply put the two clipped videos side by side. Then go to file and export it. Apologies for likely the inaccurate terminologies as I have not used Windows Movie Maker in a long while.

    It'll be great if any one of your classmate is a computer whizz... then it's how you persuade him to help you... (maybe give due credit to him while you present/submit your work?)

    Hope this is on time and it helps to an extent.
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