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    which is the best way of choosing the right Camcorder Lenses?

    Hi everyone, I really am in tough situation of which lenses are right for my job.

    I would like to know is there any lens for production such as: Film documentaries, music videos, commercial spots etc, and another one for TV production such as: News, reportazh, cronichal etc.

    And should I buy Canon or Fujison? for JVC camcorders.

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    Lenses aren't really designed for a particular genre, so you wouldn't buy a "music video lens". The type of lens you buy depends on your personal preferences and needs. For most people a general all-purpose lens with a medium zoom (somewhere between 10 & 20x) will be fine.

    What camcorder(s) do you have and what sort of work are you planning to do?
    Dave Owen


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