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    Help for video streaming and flash on my site

    Hi from France,

    After having the approval of a local TV station to retrieve his video stream (mms address or asx file) for posting on the website of my local association, I faced a dilemma.

    Either I display this live video with Windows Media Player but the display firefox is not top because the size of the video is not really adaptable. In fact, it's ugly

    Either I display with VLC but people who haven't got a VLC plugin will have to download it and i know they won't do it.

    Either I find something else. Basically, I looking for a simple video player that I can change the colors of my site and which requires not download a big thing for my visitors.

    So I think the flash could help me but I found none. So someone knows where I could find a Flash player that allows the display of video streams style address mms or asx file?

    thank you

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    So you have something like mms://host[ort]/[path/to/file/]name.asx ? Do you know what the encoders are [and the mux if it isn't asf]?
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    yes, i have an adress like thise mms://domain or the same like this http://domain/file.asx but i d'ont know what are the encoders

    i would like to encode it in flash to have a live streaming video

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    Before you continue, you (and anyone helping you) need(s) to know what the video format is.
    Eric Adler (tonsofpcs) Chat at:
    Follow me on twitter: @videosupport @eric_adler


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