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    need some more info about MIC shotguns?

    I wanted to buy a AKG shotgun at the moment I don't quite remember the model but it was with two kind of bodies that can be sticked for long distances if you need it. The price was around 800pounds.

    My question is that can I use this shotgun in different by putting this Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Hypercardioid and Bidirectional?

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    Some microphones do come with modules which can be changed to provide different directional patterns. I'm not sure if you can buy a mic which switches between all the patterns you mentioned - you might like to have a look at the AKG website ( to see if you can find what you're looking for.
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    Are these the sort of thing you were looking for?

    Or you could look at the Sennheiser K6 modular microphone system, which are shotgun mics with changable heads (ME series) for different polar patterns.
    You'll find them listed here......

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    u can use it in different situations

    cardiod for outdoors

    hypercardiod for indoors

    not reccomended 2 use one mic for this

    but hey

    perfect for budget

    ull get pretty good quality

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    I have seen (and used) an older (late 80s, early-mid 90s possibly) sennheiser that had multiple (3) patterns on a switch. Never seen the same or more since.
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    i think u mite b talkin about the mkh 800, has a 5 varable pickup pattern

    that crap is expensive tho n i truly never even heard of it

    looks really good if u had $3000 tho


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