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    Good morning Guys,

    I want to incorporate a compressor/limiter into my system for two
    recording devices can I use a multi-channel comp/limit or will I need an
    audio DA.

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    Are they recording the same thing? If so, how does it get to them now? Stereo or mono?
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    Yes, they are recording the same thing, I have a Tascam cd recorder for my primary and an Alesis masterlink with hd, for my back up, and they are both Stereo.

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    You should be using a DA (or some other method to get matching audio to each of them) as it is, you just need to add two (or a two-channel) compressor/limiters in-line (remember, stereo sound is just two separate sound tracks).
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    Thanks tonsofpcs,

    Will do when budget permits, I am part of church ministry.


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