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    Sugestions to get best AUDIO

    Hi everyone,
    I am going to film my friends wedding. In order to get the best audio quality possible, is there a device that can conect from the music mixer straight into my camcorder wirelessly? Someone else filmed my wedding but the music leves vary and the bass and treble change all the time - it's horrible

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    I usually do a wedding every weekend this time of the year!!
    For any formal audio I use a radio mic on the groom during the ceremony and if I do speeches, I usually clip a radio mic on the lectern. If I need the bands music I just use an external mic on the cam with about -25db attenuation switched in (Thr Rode mics allow this)

    If you need to take a feed from the band's mixer, it will really only be worthwhile for their own music!! However if that is what you are trying to do you CAN do it wirelessly too. The V-Sound range of radio mics also have an AUX input on the transmitter so you can remove the normal lapel mic and plug a feed from the line-out of the bands mixer to it. Otherwise you will have to look for an annenuation cable to drop the output from the mixer to acceptable levels for a normal wireless transmitter.


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    Mixers that output for a live audience sounds good live, not recorded. I have done a major program last year (multicam in a large auditorium) and tapped the audio from my friend (audio engineer), but because he was mixing out for the live crowd, the result was horrendous for me... the nightmare lingers..

    I will do similar what Chris does if I am stationary mounted on a tripod, running two mics out, one to the main source audio (let's say the groom speaking), the other attenuated manually for ambiance sound. Otherwise just concentrate on the main source audio wired on the lectern and not the person (since there are usually many who will stand and speak, and I don't have so many wireless modules and the manpower to change packs and stuff!).

    Azdens make decent and affordable wireless mics. Note always rehearse and try out whatever new 'stuff' you wil use on the actual day.. You don't want your friend's wedding turning out to be an exact replica of what happen to yours.

    Do let us know how it turns out. All the best!
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    Hi Nagar

    Good advice from you too!!
    The lapel mike is usually put on the groom as he is likely to have a darker suit and as he is standing next to the bride you will get nice clear audio of both of them, plus the person conducting the wedding.

    A quick word of NOT set your camera mic input to the usual AGC otherwise the background noise will rise everytime there is a piece of silence !! ie : "Do you take this man......etc etc" (then a roar as the AGC tries to lift the audio level since no-one is talking) then it's back to normal again when the bride answers!!!

    Make sure you use the Manual Level setting on the camera so AGC is turned off but test the level before you record!!! If you cannot afford a radio mic then use a wired lapel's less convenient but at least the audio will be good!!! Do NOT try and record the vows with the mic on the just will not be good enough and audio at weddings is critical!


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    I'd shove a dynamic mic in a bush

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    im kind of new to media but umm....

    What is a tripod?

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    its a thing with 3 legs that holds the camera.
    You should start a new topic instead of putting it on the end of someone else's.


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