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Thread: JVC GR-DV800u

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    JVC GR-DV800u

    Recently, I used the camocrder / mini vd to capture some footage of my daughter's birthday, and got stills or freeze frames. I think I hit a strange setting. How do I get it back to normal? Thanks.

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    Sounds like you've hit the Snapshot button. The image below is taken from the GR-DV800US manual.... hopefully it will be helpful.
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    Dave Owen

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    I purchaced the gr-dv800u about two years ago....its no canon XL1 or sony "Pd",but i love it....recently during a shoot i began to experience some flickers in what appears to be the optics they are intermittent but the cycle seems to be quick. the problem does not seem to be that of a power issue (depleation of batts) as i have tried the a/c option as well. the flicker does in fact translate onto the tape and therefore does not seem to be a problem with the L.C.D panel (ive tried using the eye-piece). the camera has been extreemly well taken care of in in its own custom foam-lined case and has never been in a position of abuse (ive never dropped it).My warranty has expired as has the extended warrantee, and this camera is my creative life-line. has anyone heard of this problem,what may be causing it and how to fix it

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    I would guess an electonic fault since it's intermittant, so I'm afraid it sounds like a job for a service tech really.
    And if it's not electronic, then it will most likely be optical, which is gonna be even more expensive to repair.
    The only other possibility is that it's mechanical, however I doubt this is the case (certainly I wouldn't investigate this possibility unless the previous two proved wrong).

    It may cost you a bit to get it repaired, but as you's your creative life-line.

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    I don't know if your camera have a variable shutter speed adjustment? This could be unknowingly enabled if it does - check your manual.
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    Not sure I'm in the correct place, but I purchased a JVC Video camera and I'm trying to capture my recorded videos to my computer. I'm using the USB cord provided but when it detects my camera it comes up as a web camera and then it ends up saying it can't capture my video pictures from my camera.

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    Re: JVC GR-DV800u

    Hi RonD,

    I am in San Diego (San Marcos to be precise), CA. I use a JVC-DV800US too and like you use it to stream family, community and business events over the internet.

    They are great cameras!
    Just read your posting........reading throug the archived materials for knowledge. Dave and co have a great site here too!

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    I recently picked up a GR-DV800U. When I first got it, I used it for a weekend, and everything was great. However, when I went to use it a few days later, it wouldn't turn on. I plugged it in, and the charge light did not illuminate. I tried it with the battery in and out, still nothing. I finally sent the camera back, and they sent a me a new one. (They never told me what the problem was). I got the new one the other day, used it for about an hour, and the same thing happened. I'm now wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or what the problem might be. Do these cameras have a reputation for malfuctioning or having a power supply problem? This is very frustrating because I did a lot of research before purchasing this, and all the reviews said it was was great camera. What's going on? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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