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    Wireless or Wired?

    Hello all! I am new to this arena, but I have a question for you, and would appreciate the advice and help.

    I am shooting documentaries and interviews close-up (15-20 ft.) of individuals, and want the best sound for the dollar. Have any of you used "Samson" products? Are they good? Is a lav mic the best? My Canon XH A1 user manual says that I should use cables no longer than 3 meters, so I assume that wireless lavs are my best bet...What do I do? What is the best mic for the dollar (I need 2, so I will use the XLR's)?

    Mitch, the Newbie....

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    I've had bad luck with samson. I stick with Shure or Audio-Technica. I don't know whether it's worth the extra $$ to get diversity, at 15-20 feet there may be no benefit.

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    I checked your Canon unit, and the mic inputs are professional, balanced, low impedance type. The 3-meter limit is ridiculous, I don't know what Canon was thinking. Low-z balanced mic lines can be hundreds of feet long.

    Make the decision based on situation - are you outdoors? In a busy area? What's the noise level like?

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    Thanks Karl

    Thank you for the help! I will be shooting primarily indoors, so very quiet, but occasionally outside in a park. I just worried that if I went against Canon's 3 meter rule I might harm the equipment. Any particular Mic from Shure or Audio Technica?


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    Just go to a store that sells them and compare features with your needs. Neither company makes a bad mike.

    If the Canon is designed properly, it would not be easy to injure the mic inputs. The phantom supply is current-limited (a 10ma limit is industry standard) and if there's 48VDC on it, then the mic inputs are designed to take 48V transients. Anyway, the length of cable has nothing to do with that.

    Now I know what will happen; something will break for a totally unrelated reason and you'll think I did it. Just so you know, I live in a monastery in Tibet.

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    I appreciate it. I wont blame you if anything happens, I would, however blame myself if I didnt do any research...No worries!

    My sound guy got hold of the Canon Rep, and he basically said that they were conservative on the figure so that if the the cables picked up noise, the buyer of the camera doesn't blame Canon. I am running the cables, and have no wierd sounds or noise. They might act like antennas, but I havent experienced any sound deficiency yet.


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    i used samson prouducts and are really great ...lightweight and easily handled.


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